Fitness Classes

You're not alone! Join us at Lifetime Fitness' excellent exercise classes!

LFI CrossFit: Lifetime Fitness is the only “CrossFit Level 1” training facility in Utah.  Learn more…

Insanity: Max interval training. Keeps your body working at maximum capacity through the entire workout.

P90X Remix: Advanced science of muscle confusion. Targeted training phases to give you maximum results and ensure no plateau effect.

Accelerator: Class utilizes dumbbells and works muscle groups throughout the body, adding a new work segment with each round.

Power Lunch Crunch: Monday: Alternates “Accelerator” and “Weight Intervals.” Wednesday is “Insanity.”

Body Sculpt: Weights, tubing, bands, bars, and balls for toning, muscle endurance, and strength.

Zumba: Ditch the workout, join the party. The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.

Zumba + Weights: 30 minutes of “Zumba.” 30 minutes of toning.

Zumba Sentao: A chair becomes your sizzling dance partner. Strengthens your core, torches calories, and sculpts muscle.

Spinning with Weights: 40 minutes of intense cardio and 15 minutes of body-sculpting weight training, too.

Yoga: Build strength, release tension, and build flexibility. Modifications are shown for beginners.

Pound: a combination cardio and strength class with “constant simulated drumming.”

Power Bar: A weighted bar class that helps tone muscles.

3x3: A perfect mix of cardio and strength that targets the whole body.

X-Train: It is never the same and gets your body prepared whatever you do.